Residential Real Estate Transactions in Vietnam

Who Helps the Home Buyer? According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2015–2016, policy instability, government bureaucracy, corruption, and access to finance are the most problematic factors facing foreign investors (institutions and individuals) who are investing in the real estate sector in Vietnam. In addition, land/house information disclosure is still limited foreigners, even to local Vietnamese.[1]… Read More

Business transaction solutions: why lawyers’ involvement matters?

Business deal and contract concept Every business transactions play different roles in contemplating business structures. Deal lawyers help translate clients’ business deal into contract concepts. The terms of business deal are the deal lawyer’s facts. Each contract concept serve a different business purpose and has different legal implications. The deal lawyer must find the contract… Read More

Doing business on the internet in Vietnam

Doing business on the internet revolves around computer, internet and electronic commerce. New technology products demand that lawyers consider issues that may have been formerly limited to computer based internet technology, advertising, entertainment, music, publishing, finance, securities, healthcare, insurance, and communication in new combinations which may have untested legal implications. It is well-understood that as… Read More

M&A Arbitration: should we employ tactics to avoid potential disputes

Drafting arbitration agreement clause in specific kinds of transactions requires tactics and skill sets to avoid potential disputes. M&A transaction is no exception, which involves the parties’ conduct prior to the transaction (sales synopsis, bidding process, etc.), their conduct during the contractual negotiations, during the due diligence process (e.g. data room index or examination of… Read More

An observation: legal professionalism

For many years of practicing law, every one of us may hear professionalism in law but does not actually comprehend inclusions of such a term. Each one has their own definitions and indicators of what constitutes professionalism. Professionalism is an individual responsibility. According to Report of the Professionalism Committee, “Teaching and Learning Professionalism,” American Bar… Read More