Strategic alliance or corporate partnerships – Alternative to merger

Introduction Takeovers encompass a broader set of activities than just acquisitions. Takeover is a general term referring to the transfer of control of a firm from one group of shareholders to another. Takeover can occur through any one of three means: acquisitions, proxy contests, and going-private transactions. A takeover achieved by acquisition will occur by… Read More

Would technology put lawyers out of business?

How has technology changed the legal profession? Technology has profoundly penetrated every corners of the world’s business and rapidly changed lives. Legal profession is not out of that trend. Technology is one of three factors that change the legal market [1]. Technology fundamentally changes the constitution and structure of traditional legal market, thereby changing the… Read More

Advertising industry and advertising law in Vietnam

The word ‘advertising’ is to highlight the multiple uses. One sees ‘advertising’ as an instrument, an economic tool, used in marketing. The other sees ‘advertising’ as a sociocultural institution, focusing on the tasks of ‘persuading’ ‘educating’ and socialising consumers. Advertising is also considered as one form of cultural and social communication. Advertising agencies, have developed… Read More

Entertainment industry and law practice in Vietnam

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam entertainment industry will increase by 8.5% compared to the world’s average growth of 5%.[1] In preparation for this sustainable growth, the Vietnam government has been focusing on building strategic plans designed to boost cultural industry and entertainment 2020-2030. It is noted entertainment industry would be defined… Read More