Who We Are

Mark H. Mc Cormack said: “what allows skilled lawyers to function well under great duress is the ability to strike a balance between commitment and detachment”. It sounds contradicting but it shows how challenging our profession is. Each of us, once decided at heart, would definitely take time and effort resiliently and persistently to get to a dream job for a variety of reasons. For example, it could be to do it for well-being living, unleash or awaken hidden potentials within you, search for freedom and justice, or simply become a better person at practicing law. Whatever reason you end up pursuing a legal career path, it would be one of the toughest decision that everyone would respect and compliment you.
It has been years to keep thinking about the idea of getting lawyers of different generations together to support and help one another to thrive on their own legal career path. As young and inexperienced lawyers, we all need to network with experienced lawyers to expose ourselves to the world’s profession, or continue to learn about legal knowledge and experiences, or look for job and business opportunities. In contrast, senior lawyers also need to enrich, share, and inherit their own legacy to younger generations. To that end, we have intended to create the place VIETNAMLAWANDPRACTICE, a Legal Training Center, where we can stand together, build common grounds and interests by sharing legal knowledge and practical experiences, in Vietnam, and promoting legal career development, and eventually thriving on the most challenging and respectful profession.

What We Are

Our value propositions is to bring up what schools do not teach lawyers, and law firms may not train you sufficiently enough to help you stand out among your peers. Furthermore, by working you through organized online and offline discussions and information, you would know how lawyers do their work systematically and efficiently. If you are a value-seeker, we could give you more hidden values and amazing networking, and business and job opportunities.
With constant and on-going support from experienced and senior lawyers, we do believe that we can differentiate ourselves by training you to be skillful lawyers.