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As outside counsels equiped with extensive experiences in the folowing industry as inhouse counsels for years, we are confident that we can assist clients in dealing with business and legal matters. We also offer inhouse services to clients who need outside lawyers to sit on-site and work together with their company staff on an ongoing basis.

Advertising & Entertainment

As society continues to evolve into the need for instant information, the laws of advertising will, in a certain respect, trail behind. The rules of television, radio, and print media have been around for years, but the rules of the internet and other electronic or telephony delivery are still very much in development. As such, there is no one size fits all approach that can be applied to a given corporation and the way it advertises its products or services.

Most of the legal issues that any counsel will surface:

  • Is the advertisement truthful and honest?
  • Are there copyright/publicity issues?
  • What is the status of the product being advertised?
  • Are all trademarks used properly? This includes both those owned by the company and others which may be used in the advertisement.
  • Is there any mention of warranties, and if so, have the laws relating to warranties been taken into consideration?
  • Have safety and/or product liability?
  • Is the advertisement being directed to children?
  • Is the advertisement something which is going to be used on the Internet and appear on the company's Web site or other sites? If so, there are special issues which should be addressed.
  • Is the advertising anything that could be considered promotional advertising under the Law on Advertising, and if so, how are the guidelines for promotional payments going to be observed?
  • Are there antitrust implications, such as by advertising the price of the product?
  • Does the advertisement deal with anything government agencies have identified as subject to specific guidelines?

Entertainment law, like any other field of commercial law, is a combination of legal principles and business practices. Business practices and pressures relating to motion pictures, television, music, radio, live theater, literary publishing, and interactive digital media are discussed as a means to understand the legal concepts at work throughout the industry.

Our team can help to assist clients to deal with any legal issues in the following branch of this industry:

  • Motion picture;
  • Television;
  • Music;
  • Radio;
  • Live theater;
  • Literary publishing; and 
  • Interactive digital media.


Looking to young population, the rising numbers of middle-class people among the population and rising living standards, retailing in Vietnam is expected to continue recording a stable and positive outlook, which is worth US$125 billion. Following more favourable foreign investment policy, international retailers are expected to expand their outlet networks and establish a stronger presence in the Vietnamese retailing industry. Recently, more international retailers have increasingly penetrated Vietnam retail market in which they have outnumberred local retailers.

Our team can help to assist international and local retailers to deal with any legal issues in this industry:

  • Business compliance check-up;
  • Outlet commercial leasing;
  • Licensing work;
  • Buy and sell agreements with suppliers;
  • Logistics; and
  • E-commerce.



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