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Firm Overview

1. Our Firm

VIETNAMLAWANDPRACTICE has thrived on a highly competitive legal market by focusing on building clients’ trust on the premises of efficiency, knowledge, cost-effective legal expenses, and professional standards. We realize that the legal market and the needs and expectations of clients have changed over the years, and we are endeavoring to stand out with a cutting-edge business model.

VIETNAMLAWANDPRACTICE is made up by qualified lawyers who have been practicing in well-known law firms in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With strong qualifications and experiences background, we provides a full range of legal services on a local, national and international scale.

2. Business Principles

VIETNAMLAWANDPRACTICE has a set of business principles which guide behaviours and help to ensure that our business operate in accordance with the highest standards. The following principles describe our distinguished culture and personality internally and externally, the way we work and what we strive for.

  • Resolving Clients’ concerns successfully (Efficiency)

Efficiency is characterized as communication skills between lawyers and clients, and legal solutions to clients’ issues which we come up with. To achieve these goals, our objective is to facilitate work-product and communication among our attorneys, clients, and third parties. Our mission not only helps clients to resolve legal issues but also contributes to client’s business value. Legal solutions which correspond to client’s business practice are constantly and consistently pursued to keep the client business developing sustainably over the long run.

  • Knowing Clients’ needs and expectations (Knowledge)

In the churning digital world, market reality has always led to new business model and practice which requires us to stay on top of these rapid changes. We are no exception. Most importantly, we tirelessly seek out new ways to contribute to client’s business value by understanding our clients’ business needs and ambitions.

  • Keeping Clients’ budget in the safe box (Cost-effective legal expenses)

Keeping business expenses balanced and less expensive is not ever an easy job in any business. We understand clients’ concerns by maintaining cost-effective legal expenses which ensure viability of our business operation and protection of clients’ interests.

  • Adhering to Ethical Standards (Ethical Standard)

Fair competitive market requires market entrants to comply with business ethical standards. We respects and conforms to core ethical standard and code of conduct in the law practice. We considers complying with ethical standards is a key to building the client’s trust and attorneys’ respect.


VIETNAMLAWANDPRACTICE is a law firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, focusing on:

  • Investment, Corporate & Commerce;
  • Real Estate & Construction;
  • Legal & Lawyering Trainings;
  • Family & Immigration;
  • Dispute Resolution & Alternative Dispute Resolution; and
  • Industry Expert in Advertising, Retail & Securities.